"We loved having our daughter participate in the Wee Spirit program with Joani. We knew Wee Spirit was the right place for Eve when we asked Joani what she sees as the most important developmental task for preschoolers and she answered, "Mostly, I teach them how to take care of each other's hearts." Joani's focus on pro-social behaviors teaches the children to use words to express their needs, take turns, share, and treat each other kindly and gently. Joani teaches each child that there is a light inside of them that is true and good, so no matter what they may encounter later on, they will not forget the essence of who they are and will be able to navigate those life challenges. Joani also engages the children in the natural world so that they learn to appreciate the cycles of nature and experience the abundance of life all around them. We LOVE Wee Spirit and would recommend it highly to anyone!"

• Kate Latimer

"Both of my sons went to Wee Spirit for preschool, and it was the best decision! Joani is so amazing with the little ones, and provides all the best qualities of Waldorf education. It is a nurturing and growing experience that teaches the children how to live in a community in such a magical way! Joani is one of the most talented and inspired teachers I have ever met."
• Linda Holland

"Wee Spirit was the perfect foundation for our children as they transitioned away from being at home full time with us. Joanie and her space have a magical quality to them, without losing strong loving boundaries that taught our kids kindness, communication, and respect. Joanie supported us as parents, and always had the best and simplest advice when we needed support with our dynamic with one of our children. We call her the Baby Whisperer."

• Emily Gillette

"Joan Kennedy is one of those rare people who has magic with children. Everything at her nursery is about and for the children. Even at the first meeting it was really about our son and not us, which is how it should be. All the furniture is child sized, her place is the most welcoming and comforting I have been in. Her 25 years of experience is evident in every way and I couldn't think of a better safe and secure environment that we love."

• Franziska Neuman

"It was an absolutely wonderful experience for our daughter, and us as parents. Joani is an amazing human being, I can't describe in words her kindness, generosity and enthusiasm. She teaches children things they will always remember. One time when I was there a young woman in her early twenties showed up, she attended WeeSpirit as a child and came by just to say hello to Joani, she has that kind of imapct on young lives. She will always be a part of our family."

• Douglas Merriam and Shannon Plummer