Joan Kennedy is a trained Waldorf teacher and has been nurturing young lives in early childhood for 32 years. She bases her understanding of the young child and their needs on the insights given by Rudolf Steiner.

What freedom there is in childhood when your feet run you all over the earth.  Each new bug, butterfly, cricket and stone speaks of new worlds to discover.  Worlds filled with wonder, mystery, beauty and goodness. Young children watch, listen and sense with their whole being.  They love to imitate and try out what they see, all the while discovering themselves and their unique place in the new world.

In a Waldorf preschool program a warm, welcoming environment is created.  Simple wooden toys, nature treasures, handmade cloth dolls, dress up clothes (and more) all beckon the child to be the "magician" of their own imaginative powers. In the twinkling of an eye they become knights, kings, princesses, pilots, nurses, vets, kitties and others. I have the privilege of seeing their stories unfold and I tip toe quietly around them so I do not disturb their magical Kingdom of Childhood. The importance of creative free play is now fully recognized by early childhood educators.  


The day has a rhythmical breathing in - breathing out pattern, which satisfies the young child while providing a deep feeling of security.  Feeling safe and secure is paramount to the child.  I tell the little ones that "taking care of each others hearts" is the most important task we have.  We teachers are constantly aware of cultivating the social abilities of the children.


Some activities of our preschool include

Circle time: singing, finger plays, movement, games, stories, drama, children acting out our puppet shows.

Free play inside and outside: gardening, baking preparation, bees wax modeling, clay work, woodwork, coloring, painting, grinding wheat, coring apples, juicing vegetables and fruit, seasonal crafts, walks, sand and dirt play, swinging, sliding and more.

Festivals:  Peasant Woman comes at Halloween, Lantern Walk, Thanksgiving Soup Day, St. Nicholas Day, Hanukkah, and Christmas celebration. Three Kings Cake Day, Valentine's Day, Spring Easter egg dying, Mother's and Father's Day Potluck.

The Birthday Child: Parents are invited to Circle and handmade gifts are given.


Parent and Teacher Journey:  We work closely with the parents and welcome their input and insight.  This is invaluable in helping us provide and support their child's needs.


Please call and come for a visit, a cup of tea or coffee and enter this magical "Kingdom of Childhood."  


Yours Sincerely,

Joan Kennedy